Working on New 3D Original Series!

2017-10-21 10:08:22 by PenguinPotential

Like the title says, I've been working on new rigs for my characters for this series, Mysolia! It's an adventure show in the same vein as Avatar or Sword Art Online. Below are some t-pose models of my main characters: Nouta, Adissa, and Kitna.

4577163_150859490191_tumblr_oy5gbok7yA1rn9z7ko1_540.png 4577163_150859490123_tumblr_oy5gbok7yA1rn9z7ko3_1280.png


The show will be set in a fantasy world but no characters will have access to magic of any kind. The only magical part will be from crystals that the characters will find and use which act more like natural batteries.

Here's some full-body t-poses:


Hoping to have some simple animations featuring these girls out next week! Script and storyboarding this weekend~ Please look forward to it!


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